“My name is Lemony Snicket and it is my duty to tell you their tale. No one knows the precise cause of the Baudelaire fire, but just like that, the Baudelaire children became the Baudelaire orphans.”  -A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

Arin: This kinda reminds me of Mickey Mousecapade.
Dan: It does a little bit, doesn't it?
Arin: Haha yeah, ye- *gets close to mic*
Dan: DON'T


skyrim prettiness captured in gifs;

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Orchid Mantis


Much has already been written about Sunday’s controversial episode of Game of Thrones. The episode itself was actually rather dull—a lot of exposition and little action—but one particular scene has already garnered thousands of keystrokes, hundreds of outraged tweets, and…

 - we got the jumping shoes. i will now fellate you.
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on this episode of “how uncomfortable can arin make dan feel in less than a minute” (x)


LOST characters illustrations by Yehudi Mercado.